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A B&B in the suburbs, a serviced apartment in downtown, a beach resort or a city hotel chain, you name it. Our cloud-based system is fully scalable and configurable, it has been the ideal choice of different property types all over the world


5 Ways to Create a Stellar Check-In Experience


Reading Time: 3 minutes Although it should be obvious, there’s a lot of evidence these days that happy customers translate to more revenue for businesses. For example, a study by McKinsey found that customers base 70% of their buying experiences on how they feel they’re being treated. Meanwhile, a survey by ACSI found that guest satisfaction at U.S. hotelsRead More


4 Reasons Every Hotel Needs a Hotel Management System


Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s no surprise that hotel guest expectations have increased significantly in the digital era. The need for instant gratification led by the mobile revolution has dramatically reshaped the hotel experience, especially when it comes to bookings and customer care. Today, it’s not enough to provide an average service. The modern-day traveler expects hoteliers to provideRead More